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    Stanley Omah Didia popularly known by his stage name as Omah Lay, was born on May 19, 1998, He’s a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

    Food junkie. Will eat just about anything.



    A mixtape is a compilation of hit song which has been published usually by DJ in a market.


    Recently, new artists and producers come up with a lot of new songs and call it a mixtape and which has actually watered down the genre. The truth is that they are producing demos.


    The home user also puts collectively a compilation of music and some call these mixtapes. Once more they are a compilation. The mixtape originated with DJ's in the club who put hit songs collectively (Mixing) for clubgoers and their fans.


    After that hip-hop or urban retailers would put mixtapes collectively for their customers when customers would need a compilation of the songs. This is during the time when we were selling a lot of 12 inches vinyl and singles.


    Recently main labels morphed the genre to bring in new artists through popular local market DJs that staffed the strongest street promotions, teams. But However, in reality, these fresh types of mixtapes are demos that have been market packaged as market teasers or market feelers.


    There are top websites in Nigerian that offer free music download in Mp3 format, and they are Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive, Detectmind, 9jadailyfeeds, mayortunes and more.

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